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We continue to prioritize the health & safety of our employees, customers and communities during this pandemic. An Allstate agent can be reached by phone or email to address your insurance needs. Allstate also offers a suite of payment options and digital services.



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2504 Guardian Rd. NW


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About Vito Azevedo

“It’s not enough to be covered. You’ve got to feel protected in your home, car, and your e-bank account! If you haven't had a review in the past 2-3 years, I'm confident that I could surprise you after already saving thousands of dollars for Albertans following client reviews.


I’m Vito and I’ve been an Allstate agent for over a year and have been an Alberta agent for almost 7 years. The experience so far has allowed to serve my customers with the best quality, care and advice to ensure that you know how to make the best decision for your family.


Raised in Edmonton, I'm a proud Albertan. But after all of these years watching rates change, I've already seen too much. Too many excuses for rate increases without enough value for our hard earned dollars. 


What Can I Offer You?


Customers can choose innovative home and auto insurance products with features like Claim Forgiveness, Claims-Free Renewal Cheques, and Disappearing Deductible. Value is just as important to me though, so we offer several home and auto discounts available to most Albertans despite how unique each of us are.


I’m Here For You Every Step of the Way


Whether you have a question about your policy or just want to review your coverage, I’m glad to hear from you. Allstate also has a supportive claims team that you can count on day or night to take care of your claim simply and efficiently.  


I’m Proud to Support Our Community; along with my wife, and son, we try to nurture strength in cooperation. Recently, I was lucky enough to win Dunluce Minor Soccer Coach of the Year 2017. As an Allstate agent, employee, and Alberta neighbor, I’m proud to bring 'good' to life right where I live – supporting and strengthening our communities for over 20 years supporting Edmonton's Habitat for Humanity, Edmonton Food Bank, Stollery Children's Hospital, and these days can be found at a variety of neighborhood community events in North & West Edmonton.


I’m committed to trying to help you make improvements in your life and not just being another policy number. You’ll receive my personalized service, backed by a strong Allstate agency team.  


Call me today to review your policy or get a free Good Hands Check-Up in English, or in Portuguese. I will work to make the choices clear and help you plan for your own changes.


Our communities require cooperation to strengthen and that is exactly the approach Allstate encourages daily with innovative ideas annually to provide the best peace of mind for our changing Albertan needs”


Products and Services


Are you getting quality auto insurance coverage and the value you deserve? Allstate provides both! And we go a step further. Leave it to our local, experienced agents to steer you through your choices so you’ll get customized coverage, suited just for you!

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At Allstate, we understand that your home is the centre of your family and it’s filled with your treasured possessions. So, leave it to a local agent to get to know exactly what you need to provide you with the right level of coverage.

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Auto Discount

As an Allstate customer, you deserve value for your money. With Allstate, you'll enjoy quality protection and more discounts than you can imagine.

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