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Molly Book - Edmonton Calgary Trail Agency

Community building is important to me, and part of why I was drawn to Allstate is their impressive team structure and value-based approach. I've been working for Allstate for the past year, and in that time I have continued to be an active member of the Forest / Terrace Heights Community League. I have had the honour of contributing to the development of sound business and community practices that nurture our neighbours and neighbourhood. Allstate supports healthy growth in communities and my knowledge and understanding of the people in Edmonton helps me provide customers with an outstanding level of service with features and benefits that match your evolving needs. Both my husband and I seek out opportunities to work with our community league, sports teams, school activities, and fundraising events. We have lived and volunteered in the area of over ten years. We seek out ways to engage in a healthy lifestyle, and our two children are following in our footsteps. I'm proud that they feel safe in this neighbourhood and enjoy leading us on adventures through the River Valley. I like to think we are raising the next generation of volunteers as they grow up experiencing the many ways our city comes together, whether it is a community BBQ or one of the many festivals or fun runs we attend. I believe that little things make all the difference and I'll bring my drive for a comprehensive, detailed approach to your account. I'm a caring and active listener who will help you find the coverage you need to protect you, your family, and the things you value. I look forward to our future conversations! Molly Book

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Hall Rental Director - Forest Terrace Height Community League Parent Council Chair - Riverdale School
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