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71 James Snow Pkwy N
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About Felicia Simon - Milton Agency

Hi everyone. I’m Felicia Simon, your neighborhood Allstate Agent. I have been an insurance agent with Allstate Canada since 2008, and have lived in Milton since 2011. To give you some insight into my professional growth, I first earned my Paralegal Diploma in 2003, I then went on to obtain my real estate license shortly thereafter and worked with one of the top powerhouse teams in Mississauga for almost five years. It wasn’t until 2008 that I decided I was ready for a change, and began looking for a way to combine my passion for helping people with my sales experience and found the perfect fit at Allstate, as an agent, selling both home and auto insurance.

I’m proud to be able to offer my customers fantastic ways to save, through various bundling options, for home and auto insurance. Allstate offers unique features and benefits, such as claims forgiveness, disappearing deductible, multi-vehicle discount, and our newly introduced enhanced water protection to name a few. I know that every customer has its own unique situation which is why I pride myself on offering personalized consultations and advice. Not only will I provide you with the most competitive quotes, I can also review all your existing policies, and coverages ensuring that you have the right coverage and you're getting the value you deserve. I can help you understand the wording which sometimes is hard to understand, and help you make a decision which is best for your family.

Having worked in sales and customer service for over 15 years, coupled with my legal background I have the ability to provide you and your family with insight and advice that meets your needs.

Going Above and Beyond for You!
Being a mom of two beautiful little girls, ages five and three, I understand the importance of protecting your family and your most precious possessions. I know how hard it can be to juggle the daily demands of life, work, house cleaning, cooking and bills. Not to mention taking the time to sit down and go over the ins-and-outs of an insurance policy! If you are a busy parent like me, I know that you probably have the same problem! This is where I come in. I will work around your schedule, whether that means going for a coffee, having a call once the kids are in bed, over the weekend, stopping by the agency, whatever makes life easier for you! For me it’s about more than sales, I want to be that person who advises you with honesty and integrity. I want you and your family to feel that you are making the right choice switching over. Ensuring my customers feel comfortable and protected is my top priority. I know that being a good insurance agent is about more than just being there when things go wrong. It's also about being there for all of life's moments when things go perfectly right. This is why I feel fortunate to be able to use my experience and knowledge of the insurance, legal and real estate industry to help keep you, and you’re most precious possessions safe and protected.

Please call me for a quote, and allow me to help you make the right choices for your family.
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Are you getting the rate you deserve? Call me

Are you getting the rate you deserve? Call me

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Are you getting quality auto insurance coverage and the value you deserve? Allstate provides both! And we go a step further. Leave it to our local, experienced agents to steer you through your choices so you’ll get customized coverage, suited just for you!


At Allstate, we understand that your home is the centre of your family and it’s filled with your treasured possessions. So, leave it to a local agent to get to know exactly what you need to provide you with the right level of coverage.

Auto Discount

As an Allstate customer, you deserve value for your money. With Allstate, you'll enjoy quality protection and more discounts than you can imagine.

Allstate Car Buying Service

Buying a new car? Allstate has partnered with Unhaggle. You could save an average of $3,184* off the MSRP through the Allstate Car Buying Service. Call me to learn more about this free service or visit us to get your exclusive pricing.
Competitive Rates for Motorcycle Insurance
Get revved up and ready to go with Allstate’s competitive rates for touring, cruising, and standards model bikes. Allstate will make sure you have the right coverage to cruise the open roads. Get a free quote today!
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Protect Your Home from Flooding
According to researchers, the weather in Canada is getting warmer, wetter and more stormy due to climate change. Extreme events that we used to experience twice a century are now expected to happen every six years.
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Insurance Products & Services

Insurance is unlike any other product out there - you pay for it and hope you never have to use it. And that makes paying more than you need to that much more uncomfortable.

With a policy from Allstate, you can help keep your insurance costs low with the wide variety of discounts we offer.

You can get a rough "ballpark" insurance quote from many companies online, but talking with an agent allows you to ask questions and get a quote for coverage that matters most to you. As Allstate agents, We can prepare a quote that details the coverage, deductibles (your portion of a loss) and cost (premium) of your insurance policy.

Insurance products and services offered at our Allstate agency include:
  • Auto Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Insurance Quote
  • Insurance Agency
  • Travel Insurance
  • Rental Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motorhome Insurance