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3969 Montrose Rd Unit 2 Niagara Falls, ON L2H 3A1


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About Tamer Abdalla

My family and I have called Niagara home for over 17 years. This region has given a lot to us, and I like to give back by serving you and your family with the same quality of service I would expect for mine. My mission, whether as an Allstate agent or as a volunteer in our community, is to make life better for others to actualize their full potential. This is done by compassionately listening and understanding your needs, giving sound advice, sharing resources, and being a partner in your success. I'm a soccer (football or futbol) fan and supporter, and so is Allstate. It was a big part of my life growing up here. I love seeing how the sport positively shapes the lives of young people for the better. I look forward to supporting local talent and being a part of their team. As sponsors of Soccer Canada, Allstate are big supporters of the big game! Whether you have questions about reviewing your coverage, or looking to get a quote to see how you can save money on your insurance, I'm here for you. You'll receive personalized service, backed by a team at the agency who are dedicated to serving you and your family. Call me today to take advantage of the many discounts I can offer on auto, home and rental property, motorcycles, boats, and seasonal properties; and inquire about our innovative products, such as Enhanced Water Damage coverage on your property, and for your auto, our Claim Forgiveness and Disappearing Deductible. You, your family, and your policy are more than a number! Call today.

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Are you getting quality auto insurance coverage and the value you deserve? Allstate provides both! And we go a step further. Leave it to our local, experienced agents to steer you through your choices so you’ll get customized coverage, suited just for you!


At Allstate, we understand that your home is the centre of your family and it’s filled with your treasured possessions. So, leave it to a local agent to get to know exactly what you need to provide you with the right level of coverage.

Save Big When You Bundle with Allstate!

Bundle your auto and home insurance with Allstate and save more. Ask us about other discounts like: multi-car discount, Ticket Forgiveness and much more! Call me today to learn how you can SAVE.

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Competitive Rates for Motorcycle Insurance

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